Bios are a strange thing. You’re suppose to sum up who you are in one short paragraph. That’s tough for me. Yes I can say I’m a 3D Artist with a keen eye and flair for design – but what does that mean? I’ve dedicated my life to my craft. My resume won’t delve into other passions that lie within me. How can I show you that my creativity isn’t bound by my resume alone. Where on a resume can I express my passion for the culinary arts? Or my insatiable need to sketch? Or how I can use words creatively to infect others with passion? Or that with the same hands I use to create my digital art – I can bring to life characters from a block of clay. I am an artist.

My career is now pushing over a decade – I’ve had the fortune to work in a wide variety of companies. I’ve worked with the Aerospace and military creating and designing courseware. I’ve worked in the religious sector providing web experiences showcasing my love of animation programmatically. I’ve worked in the Pharma industry designing and implementing new and fun ways of interacting with content such as video games and trade show kiosks experiences. I’ve worked in the 3D printing sector expanding my core competency as a 3D artist by learning how to take digital content and 3d printing it to become reality. Recently I followed my passion of the toy designer scene and ran my own art gallery and designer toy store . Each step taken – I evolved as an artist.

All the while holding down these 9to5 jobs – I freelanced bringing other people’s ideas to life. I honed my skills so that I could keep creating and learning. As a freelancer I’m able to take on new and exciting challenges and compartmentalize them. I’ve been able to have created brands, logos, magazine spreads, 3d models, 3d and 2d animations and websites – not only for others – but for myself as well. I’ve been featured in magazines on the radio and on TV. I’ve participated in multiple custom toy shows and have even curated my own group art shows. I’ve shown at some of the biggest conventions such as New York Comic Con and Designer Con and now am managing one of the hottest Art Gallery & Designer Toy Stores in Philly. Born to a hard working Puerto Rican family – my father has instilled values that fuel me everyday. Yes I’m an artist. My tool is my mouse. My canvas is the screen. But what sets me apart from everyone else is that I’m willing to work harder than the person next to me. Its my duty as a son, as a father and as a husband to bring everything I have to the table so that I may be able to make those around me proud.

I am an artist.

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